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Looking for extra accountability to keep up with your newsletter? Join us 💪

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Do you want to set up a newsletter? Or do you already run one, but want to be more consistent? This is how we will help you 👇

Our awesome features
1. Join our community

We will keep you accountable 💪

Our awesome features
2. Place your bet

Set your commitment: how often and when will you send your newsletter?

Our awesome features
3. Show up

As long as you keep sending your newsletter, you'll be fine

Our awesome features
4. Don't get sent away

If you don't keep up with sending your newsletter, we will send you away (no refunds)

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers

Why do I have to pay?

To commit you'll have to pay for your membership. You can stay as long as you keep up with your newsletter, but you'll get kicked out if you don't show up (no refunds)

When do I lose?

You only lose when you don't send your newsletter on time - like set in your bet (commitment). If you just show up - you always win.

How do you check whether I show up?

The community knows - so better just show up

Will I get my money back if I get kicked out?


Commit to your newsletter